Genealogy Research

Genealogy Research

Genealogy research today has become a major topic in many families.  Often, one family member will take on the task of interviewing the older members to document their family history.

However, many people would like to start a family history, but they don’t know where to begin.  Many people don’t realize that it’s as simple as recording the names and birthdays of every family member they know.  Then expand it to every family member that your parents and grandparents know.

Chick here for some great geneaolgy research tips.

Another great source of family information are the headstones for those family members that have passed away.  In genealogy research the headstones are considered proof of the existance of a former family member.  Photo copies of birth certificates and census records are also valid proof of a family members relationship.

Today there are many sources of genealogy information for families.  You just have to start looking. Click here to look at information about databases and genealogy records.

A simple search of the Internet for Genealogy Research will produce more information than you can digest in an evening.  You’ll find that once you start to get interested in your family’s genealogy you’ll spend many satisfying hours researching information.  One great place to get started is Cindi’s List of Genealogy Research sites.

The Genealogical and Historical Society of Caldwell County is a great starting point for families in Caldwell County, Texas including the Plum Creek Alminac and the Cemteries of Caldwell County.

TX_Caldwell Land Survey MapsFor those inerested in the original land surveys you can find them at Arphax Publishing.  The Caldwell County, TX land survey map shows that the Jeffrey Cemetery is within the original tract titled Tinney. A in abstract #26.

Abstract Summary:
Abstract #26 – Tinney, A.
Grantee: Tinney, Ambrose
Trancaction Date: 22 Jun 1832
File#: SC 000033:22
English Files Notes Lockhart-401
Patent#: 713
Patent: Vol.: 13
Certificate: Translation #3868
Acres: 4,428.4
Map: 17




At the Jeffrey Cemetery we have spent many hours compiling a comprehensive listing and photos of all of the headstones, foot stones, and grave makers within the cemetery to assist you in this research.  Click here to download the Jeffrey Cemetery Headstone Photos.



Genealogy Programs We Recommend

There are many genealogy programs out there that provide you the ability to record your family history and research documents.  They also provide you the ability to electronically share your information with other people who are also researching their families.  It’s not uncommon for family members of different branches of the family tree to pool their resources and information to form a family collective of their history.  Below, we have listed programs that we have tried and find to be suitable for recording your family information.  Please note that we do not recommend any specific program and they are listed in no specific order. The Jeffrey Cemetery Association, Inc. does not receive any commission or reimbursement should you chose to purchase one of these programs.

Note: Whenever you are working with electronic data gathering software you should remenber to save your work often and backup your data daily to someplace other than your computer such as an external hard drive, USB thumb drive, on-line archive storage, etc..


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