Cemetery Tour – Part 2

Old Olk TreeAs you walk through the main gates along the service road the majestic Old Oak Tree can be seen spreading out over the south end of the cemetery.

The grave of Martha Ellison, the first grave established here, lies under the western edge of the Old Oak Tree.

The Flemming Family cemetery lies just to the south beyond the Old Oak Tree.

The cemetery is organized in 14 blocks.  Blocks 1 – 8 are in the main area with Blocks A – F in the new area.

Block C in the new area was opened in the spring of 2011 as there are only a few grave sites available in the main area.   While there appears to be many open plots in the main area most of them are reserved by families for future internment.

Click here to view a brief video tour of Blocks 1 through 4  Note: Depending on your Internet connection speed it may take from 1 to 3 minutes to load.


Jeffrey Cemetery Block 1Block 1 is located in the northwest corner of the main area and has 379 grave sites.  There are 68 families represented to include family names of Adams, Andrews, Baker, Bandelman, Barrow, Basham, Blundell, Boyko, Bozarth, Bradberry, Bright, Clogsten, Cole, Colebank, Cowan, Coward, Crippen, Crozier, Dancer, Daniels, Earmer, DeShazo, Diggs, Duran, Ellen, Etheredge, Fellers, Fowler, Fox, Franks, Galloway, Garner, George, Hellums, Hickman, Hilliard, Hurst, Hutcheson, Jeffrey, Linam, Long, Lorrine, Lunn, Martin, McMahan, McMullen, Mitchell, Moffett, Pogue, Reed, Roberts, Rodenberg, Rowe, Rutherford, Taylor, Tinney, Van Horn, Wade, Wales, West, White, Williams, Willis, Womack, Woodland, Wright.



Jeffrey Cemetery Block 2Block 2 is the largest of the blocks and is located in the southwest corner of the main area and has 681 grave sites. Several sites are blocked by the Old Oak Tree and others are blocked due to beadrock in those locations.  There are 95 families represented to include family names of Adams, Alexander, Allen, Baker, Barron, Berry, Blundell, Boyer, Bryant, Bundick, Canning, Carpenter, Clark, Cole, Compton, Curlee, Daniels, Davidson, DeViney, Dinges, Eaker, Ellis, Ellison, Evans, Fleming, Franks, Garner, Gibson, Gray, Guthrie, Hagen, Halsell, Handley, Hartley, Helford, Hellums, Hindman, Hocker, Hurst, Ingram, Jeffrey, Jowers, Jurst, King, Lewis, Lillian, Long, Magee, Martindale, Massey, Maynard, Mayo, McDonald, McGinnis, McMahan, Moore, Morris, Munsell, Nauert, New, Northcutt, Owen, Parish, Rice, Riddle, Roberts, Robison, Rodenberry, Rogers, Rowe, Shaw, Shehan, Shelton, Shinn, Starr, Stephens, Stevens, Stoker, Taylor, Tinney, Toungate, Tumlinson, Van Horn, Vanderhoof, Vann, Vickery, Watts, White, Whitehorn, Williams, Woods, Woolridge.

Richard and Sarah (Jefferies) ColeThe graves of Richard and Sarah (Jefferies) Cole and Matthew Jeffrey, early settlers of the area are found in Block 2 surrounded by a protective fence.







By: Gregg Sterner

Posted: Nov. 12, 2011

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