Headstones S – T

NameBirthDeathVeteran?Holocaust Survivor?
Schuelke, Walter Ray12/23/19451/24/2012Yes
Shaffer, Rene 12/17/19437/20/2020
Shaw, Beatrice 19071967
Shehan (Ellis), Sarah Melissa1/4/19081/10/1990
Shehan, Virgil John18961963
Shelton, Infant
Shinn, Cattie E.7/22/189410/22/1989
Shinn, Luna E.10/24/18748/6/1964
Shinn, Robert Allie12/7/18926/24/1964
Shinn, Robert Pink8/16/18663/24/1928
Sides, Gordon 2/8/19367/13/2020
Singleton, Robert "Ginny" Chesley8/14/190812/3/1972
Singleton (McMahan), Vera "Mimi" 11/19/19172/23/2006
Small (McMahan), Lanier 12/26/19238/25/1977
Small, Ted Allen7/26/19236/8/2007Yes
Smalley (Penrod), Minnie 7/7/192411/26/2012
Smalley, Jr, Ray W4/27/19207/30/1980Yes
Smith, Clyant 18919/30/1965
Smith, Delmer "Bubba" Horace10/1/19342/15/2018Yes
Smith, Dorothy Nell8/1/19369/21/2018
Smith, Glen Owen12/22/19551/28/1956
Smith, Horace A.12/18/18908/22/1971
Smith (Dodson), Nelda Iola3/30/19412/16/2003
Smith, Ora E.18961991
Smith, Sarah M.7/24/191110/12/1979
Smith, Virgil Lee12/18/19484/28/1985Yes
Smith, Vollie Eugene8/6/19289/3/2006Yes
Sparks (Moore), Peggy Jean3/19/19308/15/2021
Spencer, Franklin Delanor5/4/194212/15/2015Yes
Spencer, Shirley Diane4/11/19493/1/2022
Spini, Joy 5/8/19695/7/2015
Springs, Hugh F.4/22/18823/21/1955
Springs (Baker), Melissa 9/14/18755/24/1962
Squyres, Annie "Aunt" 18561915
Stall, Delphine 1/31/19328/17/2022
Stall, Jr., John 8/5/193010/6/2011
Starr, Andrew Wallace4/29/18818/18/1934
Starr, Frieda Ann11/18/18879/5/1973
Steed, II, Jerry Lynn9/26/19687/8/1993
Stephens, Alice 6/13/18756/9/1956
Stephens, Alma A.12/23/188812/5/1951
Stephens, David "Red" Clifton6/15/19165/10/1988
Stephens, Dick 10/8/18603/10/1929
Stephens (Tomblin), Elsie 12/12/19148/13/2002
Stephens, Jessie Lex1/8/19148/1/1975Yes
Stephens, Larry Clifton9/24/19383/28/1998
Stephens, Lucy Lorena8/8/190112/11/1919
Stephens, R. S.10/5/1859
Stephens, Mrs R. S.1929
Stephens, Richard 8/31/188812/26/1964
Stephens, Richard A.6/9/18825/6/1961
Stephens, Sarah B.1/19/18862/2/1966
Stepherson, Sr., Kenneth Hugh4/13/19332/17/2006Yes
Sterner, Gregg 12/7/2019
Stevens, Oma Ann3/5/187511/9/1928
Stoker, Irvin 11/7/188110/24/1947Yes
Stoker, James J.5/26/18727/15/1943
Stoker, Joe E.12/6/18858/18/1923
Stoker, John Thomas1/21/18313/15/1884Yes
Stoker, Robert L.7/29/18774/6/1948
Stoker, Sarah M.8/8/18356/18/1913
Stone, James Michael12/8/194410/8/2014
Strickland, Kenneth Ray8/29/19524/14/2008
Taber, Chalce
Taber, John 7/29/1918
Tankersley (Massey), Mildred Neoma1/9/19199/30/1998
Taylor, Bausell Turner4/6/19053/24/1959
Taylor, Curtis Oliver11/2/19281/11/2008Yes
Taylor (Hellums), Diana 12/20/195710/27/2019
Taylor, E. "Luke" L.9/10/18571/17/1924
Taylor, Emma William9/7/18775/28/1932
Taylor, Howard 3/25/19118/5/1997
Taylor (Franks), Imogene 7/1/19215/30/2001
Taylor, Jess Willard8/10/191511/2/1946Yes
Taylor, John Hugh1/13/18752/12/1930
Taylor, Josie F.10/31/18992/12/1965
Taylor (Dodson), Leona "Kat" 7/23/19236/8/2009
Taylor, Lester "Stucky" 11/1/19198/2/1986
Taylor, Loy 1/12/189912/21/1959
Taylor, Luella 7/25/19203/23/1995
Taylor, Luke 1/6/19029/23/1946
Taylor, Lura H.12/22/18678/26/1964
Taylor, Marvin E.3/18/191811/11/1918
Taylor (Goldman), Mary May 1, 1916
Taylor, Mattie L.9/25/18943/30/1980
Taylor, Nora 6/19/18904/24/1916
Taylor, Pear Either3/29/19095/13/1976
Taylor, Trudo B.6/6/18907/31/1969
Taylor, Trudo Infant5/16/19245/16/1924
Taylor, W. J.2/15/19351/14/2019
Taylor, William "Bill" McGregor4/13/19211/1/1997Yes
Thomas, Jane K.5/19/18393/6/1928
Thomas, T. 10/10/18197/6/1894
Tinney, Ambrose 1/1/18746/25/1876
Tinney, Ambrose Washington1810Nov 1844
Tinney, Dee 11/1/18642/8/1914
Tinney, Eda A.3/24/18819/17/1952
Tinney, Griffin 9/23/18349/15/1920
Tinney, James Oliver11/21/181610/20/1880
Tinney, James William11/14/19222/25/1929
Tinney, John B.7/6/185812/19/1924
Tinney, Margaret Ann12/25/18618/30/1864
Tinney, Martha 9/29/18621/31/1895
Tinney, Norman J.12/15/188410/24/1968
Tinney, Serenam 12/10/18398/28/1914
Tinney, Verdie Mae 10/4/19173/21/1920
Tinney, Willie K.12/12/19172/22/1933
Toungate, George F.2/28/19098/19/1977
Toungate (Daniels), Irene 4/3/19193/24/2004
Toungate, John Levi2/15/19019/2/1967
Toungate (Daniels), Lillian Lorene1/4/19248/19/2016
Toungate, Louvenia I.7/26/19043/14/1988
Toungate, Lum Columbus1/18/19136/29/1998
Traweek (Small), Johnnie Lynn11/4/19474/5/2015
Tullous (McGee), Merilynn 2/25/194210/20/2013
Tumlinson, Allie J.12/24/190612/29/1975
Tumlinson, Paul Dean11/7/19378/24/2012Yes
Tumlinson, Violet Pearl12/19/19043/16/1961

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