Headstones O – R

NameBirthDeathVeteran?Holocaust Survivor?
Olson (Hutcheson), Jane E.9/19/19492/17/2002
Owen (Jones), Abbie Gail3/26/18603/28/1949
Owen (Jowers), Alta Mae "Peggy" 3/14/191612/5/1976
Owen, Annie M.3/6/18948/1/1894
Owen, Curtis K10/30/191910/26/2021Yes
Owen (Morrow), Edith 11/17/19198/19/2017
Owen, Leland 3/31/19143/23/2012
Owen (Baker), Lovena E.12/25/19144/17/2004
Owen, Lowman Judson12/5/191012/14/1978
Owen, Lucinda 9/5/187712/22/1890
Owen, Mary Elizabeth12/13/18871/22/1984
Owen, Odus 11/26/188212/2/1962
Owen, Jr, Odus "Dutch" Owen7/24/19236/3/2009
Owen, Silas Bester11/1/18553/19/1946
Parish, Gladys 12/28/190610/12/1989
Parish, James G.12/16/191012/28/1979
Parish, James T.5/7/187011/10/1959
Parker, Eddie Lee9/23/19402/20/2015
Parker (Ranell), Jamie Ricci9/28/19433/16/2015
Pearson, Bobbie L.6/20/19384/9/1945
Pearson (Crippen), Ethel L.11/10/18935/20/1945
Pearson (Ellis), Georgann 6/3/19558/23/2021
Pearson, Gerald 9/9/192811/14/2006
Pearson, James Alfred9/16/19178/24/1970
Pearson, James Allen10/22/195912/23/1975
Pearson, James Thomas1/28/18902/22/1972
Pearson, John R.9/7/18863/24/1969
Pearson, Lillie Mae7/5/18865/30/1956
Pearson, Robert Lee3/16/19129/11/1978
Pearson, Jr., Robert "Bobby" Lovalle7/13/19684/6/1987
Pearson, Thelma N.1/11/191611/8/2013
Pearson, Thomas C.1/22/19219/29/1953Yes
Pearson (Crippen), Vera L.6/20/192710/2/1944
Pearson, Zelma F8/18/192011/17/2021
Pekrul, Mary Frances7/11/19244/28/1986
Pekrul, Melvin L.3/8/192211/8/2014Yes
Pekrul, Michael L.9/4/19602/1/1999
Penrod, Douglas Ray8/2/196410/22/2008Yes
Penrod, Jr, George W1/10/19276/18/2018Yes
Penrod, Sr., George W8/29/18989/22/1993
Penrod (Henson), Iva Mae12/27/19056/17/1997
Pogue (West), Deania 7/13/18756/19/1963
Pogue, Infant
Pogue, Infant
Pogue, Infant
Pogue, Infant
Pogue, Infant
Pogue, Infant
Pogue, Infant
Pogue, Infant
Pogue, Infant
Powell, Jimmy Charles6/25/19337/9/2022
Powell, Louise G.8/23/19364/4/2011
Powers, Gloria M
Powers, Ralph and Gloria
Price, Mary C.11/27/187512/29/1963
Price, Ruby E.3/31/18957/7/1913
Pruitt, Infant 5/6/18845/8/1884
Putnam, J. R.1/11/18701926
Putnam, John Martin5/3/188910/12/1891
Putnam, Mary A.5/16/18701916
Putnam, Son 10/6/189310/6/1893
Putnam, W P.
Putnam, William Price9/24/187910/7/1880
Rains, Clayton Wallace6/9/195812/30/2017
Rains, Joyce Laverne9/20/194012/1/2013
Rains, Luther Wallace7/30/193712/5/2011Yes
Rasberry (Guthrie), Avis 9/26/190611/28/2001
Rasberry, Minter Dalton6/23/1973Yes
Raven (Blundell), Mary Lou10/31/192710/6/2016
Raven, W. E. "Jack" 6/13/19273/17/2014Yes
Rawlings, Mark O’Neal9/6/19491/5/2022
Rayburn, Bobby "Bob" Wayne2/29/19363/1/2020Yes
Reed, Adele 10/1/193312/4/2008
Reed, Aston Maurice12/4/19201/6/2012
Reed, Augusta Watts8/20/191012/24/1991
Reed, Betty Louise5/11/19306/22/2015
Reed, Cleo Richard8/8/193010/30/1995Yes
Reed, Daniel 3/18/181211/23/1873
Reed, Daniel W.8/7/18573/16/1933
Reed, Darrell B.8/7/192511/14/1944Yes
Reed, David B.2/17/19002/2/1980
Reed, Dorothy Marie11/19/19293/8/2006
Reed, Edwin Leonard1/16/192812/22/2010
Reed (Adams), Emma 12/19/18945/9/1982
Reed, Flora 18851968
Reed (Galloway), Florence "Genia" Eugenia3/23/18672/2/1947
Reed, Francis A.18701953
Reed, George Benton2/26/18964/25/1977Yes
Reed, George Weldon8/18/192611/18/1983Yes
Reed, Gladys V.11/26/190410/17/1991
Reed, Gordon 11/28/19288/25/2010
Reed, Gregory "Greg" Dean12/22/19518/24/2010
Reed, Hugh Newman10/5/193110/5/1932
Reed, Icie G.8/4/19014/3/1982
Reed, Infant 1885
Reed, Infant 1886
Reed, Infant 1887
Reed, Infant 1899
Reed, Jacob
Reed, James Garlon3/6/19255/23/2002Yes
Reed, James Jarrell2/25/192912/28/1990
Reed, James Leonard1/2/18936/22/1950Yes
Reed, James M.1/13/19058/3/1957
Reed, James Walter11/30/18718/21/1958
Reed, Jaquline Kay8/28/19559/2/2011
Reed, Jessie
Reed, Joel 3/31/187012/3/1943
Reed, John M.2/4/18679/9/1936
Reed, Johnnie "Bob" 9/20/18926/18/1982
Reed, Joshua Daniel12/31/189311/24/1992
Reed (Garner), Josie 10/22/18772/20/1955
Reed, Kenneth Dean7/13/194511/11/1982
Reed, Leonard Wayne2/7/19516/9/2019
Reed, Lillie H.4/18/18978/28/1993
Reed, Margaret 4/9/18272/8/1899
Reed, Maria 4/8/185911/20/1942
Reed, Missoure C.1/17/18592/11/1902
Reed, Monroe 18901/31/1910
Reed, Nathan JasperSept 11, 1850June 10, 1919
Reed, Nathaniel Edward3/16/18828/31/1958Yes
Reed, Newman J.8/8/19076/12/1969
Reed, Orris 4/2/188611/6/1887
Reed, Oscar 18751968
Reed (Chambers), Patsy 6/30/193811/12/2010
Reed, Patsy Ruth4/28/19281/3/2006
Reed (McGee), Rossie B.11/23/18999/10/1987
Reed, S. Althea8/13/19089/1/1993
Reed, Sarah 18471936
Reed, Terry Glenn2/20/195910/22/2004
Reed, Thomas "Tommy" C.11/14/19472/16/1995
Reed, Thomas Desmond6/5/19229/14/1975
Reed, Thomas W.2/11/19008/18/1970
Reed, William "Fayette" Lafayette3/14/18986/30/1978
Reed, William T.1/29/18553/17/1942
Retherford, James T.3/15/18518/15/1927
Reznick, Lillie Mae10/5/19361/22/2007
Rice (McDowell), Bulah 4/29/187911/22/1943
Rice, Claude Coleman11/9/19021/28/1967
Rice, Clyde 2/12/19119/15/1963
Rice, David H.18621940
Rice, Erma 8/20/19177/24/2008
Rice, Florence 19161970
Rice, Henry A.8/31/18297/20/1901Yes
Rice, Henry A.5/27/188312/17/1950
Rice, Ida J.18761967
Rice, J. H.
Rice, James Curtis4/5/18879/15/1932
Rice, James Preston6/11/19075/6/1980
Rice, John D.Yes
Rice, Johnie Loycie18941918
Rice, Laura 18701954
Rice, Minnie L.2/15/18812/15/1954
Rice, Nancy J.4/22/184212/13/1912
Rice, Robert F.1/16/18667/31/1936
Rice, Robert Lee18701909
Rice, Ross Adrian11/22/19215/12/1944Yes
Rice, Roxie Ann2/14/185512/23/1908
Rice, Susan F.18681959
Richardson, Roy Gene10/2/19545/13/2015
Riddle, Lenora Infant2/5/19283/9/1928
Ridgway (Moore), Edna 9/29/18998/18/1920
Roberts, Albert J.2/16/18773/22/1907
Roberts, Billie "Nana" Jo5/7/19289/5/2019
Roberts, Cynthia 17931849
Roberts, Dan B.4/7/18635/17/1941
Roberts (Loyd), Ima 7/27/190011/15/1901
Roberts, Jimmie B.1/22/18741/5/1949
Roberts, Joseph B.12/9/18949/12/1946Yes
Roberts, Maude 18901956
Roberts, Rodell Kent5/24/19439/24/2009
Roberts, W. L.6/19/18403/12/1892
Roberts, W. L.6/19/1840?
Roberts, Winfred "Fred" Dan4/19/192611/28/2006Yes
Robinson (Rowe), Iva Jane11/28/19034/30/1987
Rodenberg, Henry M.18851966
Rodenberg, Mary J.18781967
Rodenberry, Anna Vann5/8/18986/3/1975
Rodenberry, Charlie E.5/26/18899/28/1974
Rogan, Jacob 9/17/198011/5/1982
Rogers, James A.8/25/18738/29/1873
Rogers, Rev L. C.10/21/18511/9/1936
Romero (Martinez), Josefina 3/12/19601/25/2023
Rose (Shinn), Allie June1/22/192711/10/2016
Rose, Ronald Lamar7/31/192910/18/2019
Rowe, Amanda 5/15/18858/22/1980
Rowe (Baker), Caroline 18521923
Rowe, Ernest 4/20/190412/12/1909
Rowe (Lewis), Etta 9/26/189912/26/1990
Rowe, Etta Mae 8/27/18977/7/1898
Rowe, Fannie
Rowe, Fannie M
Rowe, Infant
Rowe, Infant
Rowe, J. A.1/26/18507/6/1931
Rowe, Jewel 12/23/19011/2/1905
Rowe, L. M.
Rowe, Lewis Samuel8/6/186910/6/1910
Rowe, Nancy E.18571885
Rowe (Franks), Sallie Morris5/1/18733/3/1957
Rowe (Walker), Sarah Anna7/1/18659/29/1958
Rowe (Jeffrey), Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth10/1/18947/29/1925
Rowe, William Henry7/8/18512/9/1938
Russell, Elder Harold Dawson1/20/192312/2/1994Yes
Russell (Moore), Johnie Darlene9/9/192512/7/2008
Rutherford, J T3/18518/15/1927

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