Headstones I – K

NameBirthDeathVeteran?Holocaust Survivor?
Ingram (Long), Susie 18931973
Jeffrey, Aaron Burleson3/10/18547/5/1915
Jeffrey, Abe R.3/1/18884/1/1932
Jeffrey (Burleson), Ambrose 12/15/18742/6/1890
Jeffrey (Hellums), Anna "Annie" 8/17/1813aft 1870
Jeffrey, Armo "Jack" Ralph9/30/191312/9/1986Yes
Jeffrey, B. E.??
Jeffrey, Benjamin S.
Jeffrey (Fulmer), Blanche 3/13/19168/25/1997
Jeffrey, Christina 12/23/18875/3/1967
Jeffrey, Curtis "Jeff" Darrell9/16/19276/4/2008Yes
Jeffrey, Donald Ray6/15/19403/18/2023Yes
Jeffrey, Eddie T.11/12/18833/23/1895
Jeffrey, Egbert Meders1/16/18499/25/1930
Jeffrey (Rowe), Elizabeth 8/13/18533/25/1953
Jeffrey, Everette Lee2/12/18937/9/1894
Jeffrey (Miley), Frances Ursula1/13/18553/28/1921
Jeffrey (Rice), Frankie 1/8/185012/15/1870
Jeffrey, Franklin M.9/25/18892/13/1974Yes
Jeffrey, Gaines Clayton12/5/192910/19/1997Yes
Jeffrey, George W.12/4/18782/24/1955
Jeffrey (Holland), Georgia 8/18/19236/25/2009
Jeffrey (Reed), Gloria O.8/20/193412/9/2007
Jeffrey (Sassman), Grace Katherine7/17/19531/3/2017
Jeffrey, Hassie 4/22/18795/9/1963
Jeffrey, Hattie Ruth11/26/19183/29/2005
Jeffrey, Horace L.3/10/19189/5/1973
Jeffrey, Infant
Jeffrey, Infant
Jeffrey, Infant
Jeffrey, Isadora 6/25/186310/3/1874
Jeffrey, James 17951860
Jeffrey, James Lowell8/3/191212/18/1972Yes
Jeffrey, Sr., James Pruitt3/28/18434/1/1927Yes
Jeffrey, Jesse F.3/3/18955/15/1895
Jeffrey, Jesse T.7/18/19075/6/1986
Jeffrey, Jesse Thomas7/29/18409/23/1906Yes
Jeffrey, Jesse Thomas2/23/187711/12/1894
Jeffrey, Jessie Franklin1/31/1806bef 1870
Jeffrey, John Aston8/31/19256/11/1967Yes
Jeffrey, Joseph Benjamin12/16/191212/5/1990Yes
Jeffrey, Levi B.18861932
Jeffrey, Lucinda 10/4/189010/12/1890
Jeffrey, Luther M.11/13/19064/20/1978
Jeffrey, Malissa Caroline1/20/18581/5/1946
Jeffrey, Margaret 3/5/18928/25/1979
Jeffrey, Martha 8/19/18738/29/1873
Jeffrey (Hutcheson), Martha Ann11/18/18557/24/1943
Jeffrey, Mary 18061867
Jeffrey, Mary Eva H.18951975
Jeffrey, Matthew B.12/24/18739/27/1941
Jeffrey, Jr., Matthew B.11/13/19105/5/1956Yes
Jeffrey, Matthew B.1/6/18317/1/1891
Jeffrey (Tillman), Mellie 18901969
Jeffrey (McMahan), Minnie 1/22/18811/25/1973
Jeffrey, Paul Curtis6/15/19063/21/1996
Jeffrey, R. Tilman11/30/190910/12/1985
Jeffrey (Galloway), Reba F.3/12/19115/31/2006
Jeffrey, Robert "Lee" E.18821960
Jeffrey, Roy "Snooky" Vallon10/28/19442/4/2021
Jeffrey, Rufus C.6/26/19003/14/1956
Jeffrey, Ruth 8/16/19038/15/1913
Jeffrey, Stella M.18921964
Jeffrey, Vida Mae 6/21/19088/4/2001
Jeffrey (McGinnis), Viola 9/28/18941/11/1953
Jeffrey, W ??
Jeffrey, William C.2/18/18786/11/1963
Jeffrey, William F.18811945
Jenkins, Dora ??
Jenkins, J. N.??
Jenkins, Notley ??
Jenkins, R. E. L.??
Johnson, Dorothy Duke2/23/19247/18/2017
Johnson, Raymond Douglas11/29/19249/9/2011
Jones, Annette 10/14/19488/5/1986
Jones, George A.6/9/19212/8/2011Yes
Jones, Viola E.9/26/19242/18/2006
Jowers, Alwelda 2/17/18699/17/1869
Jowers, Bula H.2/6/18988/7/1986
Jowers, Carol D.9/20/19542/6/1976
Jowers, Erma A.7/26/19208/1/2001
Jowers (Bundick), Ethel 6/8/18973/2/1992
Jowers, George Coleman3/13/18934/4/1977
Jowers, George W.5/24/18677/15/1869
Jowers (Moss), Helen 3/8/191911/22/2005
Jowers, James Aubrey11/4/19165/17/1990Yes
Jowers, James F.18871988
Jowers, Jesse O.18901959
Jowers, John "Johnny" M10/17/18995/20/1984
Jowers, Lester M.1/14/19108/25/1992
Jowers, Lillie May6/11/18895/6/1890
Jowers, Martha C.1/3/1861?
Jowers, Mary H.2/4/186911/13/1966
Jowers (Jeffrey), Melinda Catherine10/11/18316/30/1871
Jowers, Milton "Coach" Warren7/12/191412/16/1972Yes
Jowers, W Warren10/5/18658/9/1941
Jowers, William Comer1/2/18974/4/1988Yes
Jowers, William Warren5/10/1825?Yes
Kates, Amos Ada8/19/192012/8/2002
Kelley, Fannie 9/23/19001/18/1930
Kelley, Fannie G.5/26/18967/31/1989
Kelley, Guy H.9/27/18957/21/1980
Kelly, Jr, Guy Houston12/25/19241/27/2017
Kieke, Herman William2/16/191112/28/1986Yes
Kieke, Ollie "Tiny" Wainscott7/29/191610/24/2012
King, Alta 18711946
King, Dick 1/25/18743/26/1950
King, Eddie 1/15/187012/24/1870
King, George W.4/18/1860abt 1865
King, James W.11/3/18313/5/1891
King, John Allen11/20/186710/21/1936
King, Joseph P.5/27/18546/14/1876
King, Moses W.1/25/18581860
King, R. Dalton19141968
King, R. "Infant" J.19281928
King, Riley J.10/30/18981/31/1981
King, S. L.1/19/18487/22/1885
King, Viola 1/9/19061/2/1971
Kirchman, Infant 1883
Kiser, Charles William6/24/19328/5/2004Yes
Koehler, Dustin 10/21/19957/8/2014

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