Garner, Mary (Halsell)

Mary E. (Halsell) Garner
Born 7/13/1854
Died 3/20/1932
1. John R. Garner b: 3 NOV 1873 in Caldwell county, Texas
2. Lucinda Abegale Garner b: 21 MAY 1875 in McMahan, Caldwell co., Texas
3. Josephine "Josie" Garner b: 22 OCT 1877 in Caldwell co., Texas
4. David Crockett Garner b: 30 DEC 1879 in Caldwell county, Texas
5. William Alvin Garner b: 16 APR 1882 in Caldwell county, Texas
6. Andrew Jackson Garner b: 21 MAR 1884 in Caldwell county, Texas
7. Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Garner b: MAY 1886 in Caldwell county, Texas
8. Daniel Boone Garner b: 24 DEC 1888 in Caldwell county, Texas
9. Sadie Garner b: JAN 1892 in Caldwell county, Texas
10. Ora Mae "Mamie" Garner b: 25 APR 1894 in Texas
11. Fannie M. Garner b: MAY 1896 in Caldwell county, Texas
12. Mary Elizabeth Garner b: JUL 1899 in Caldwell county, Texas
Burial Location

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Sam Garner Veteran 
Born 6/28/1847
Died 9/5/1924
George Allen Halsell Veteran CSA
Born 8/16/1824
Died 5/27/1868
Sarah Melissa (Cole) Halsell
Born 6/6/1831
Died 7/4/1891
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